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spndirectory's Journal

Supernatural on LJ
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Welcome to spndirectory!

This project was inspired by hpdir_archive as a roadmap of sorts to help newbies and experienced fans alike find their way around the Supernatural fandom on LJ.

If you would like to:

1. Notify me of a new community or a community I've overlooked
2. Notify me of a broken or inaccurate link
3. Request that your community be removed from the directory
4. Suggest a more appropriate category for your community (subject to my discretion)

please comment to this post and I will update the directory with the change as soon as I am able.

Please note that spndirectory does not currently accept personal or collaborative fic, icon, or other journals, including RPGs, nor does it accept communities that do not contain exclusively Supernatural (or Jensen, Jared, etc.) related content. Sorry for any inconvenience.

For more help finding your way around our ever-growing fandom, be sure to check out the Supernatural Newbie Guide!